Site Due Diligence and Development

Site Due Diligence and Development

Store Important Information

Copliancy allows users to store important information on sites such in topics such as:

Set Target Key Dates

Have important target dates you want to meet?

Set Tasks for Teammates to Complete

Users can easily collaborate both with both team members and with contacts outside of their organization using Copliancy’s tasks feature.

Learn Required Licenses and Permits

Copliancy uses artificial intelligence to help your licensing and compliance team to understand what licenses and permits they’re going to need for a new site.

Copliancy gathers information about the licenses and permits held by similar businesses in the same city to suggest what licenses and permits your new store may need.

Collaborate Across Teams

Copliancy boosts team collaboration by involving multiple different functions in the development of a new site. By easing communication and information flow from one team to the next sites are more likely to open on schedule. Gone are the days of the licensing team waiting for the development team to direct them when they can begin license and permit applications.

Ready to get started?

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Renewals made easy

Copliancy is the most intuitive license renewal platform available with automations that make your job simple.

Keep your company compliant

Copliancy is built to keep your entire company compliant whether that’s maintaining your licenses or your employees’ training.