Risk & Loss Management

Risk & Loss Management

Automate the risk and regulatory compliance process.

Manage Incidents with Ease

As your organization grows, so does your ability to manage risks and compliance. Expand your capabilities and stay ahead with custom incident log tracking including injuries, theft, and employee issues.

Meet the ever-increasing requirements of State and Local authorities such as California’s SB-553.

Incident Management
Loss Prevention Management

Loss Prevention Management and Reporting

Save Your Risk, Loss Prevention and Compliance Teams Hours of Work

Significantly reduce the time spent by your Risk, Loss Prevention and Compliance Teams with Copliancy. Automate manual work into an efficient workflow to keep everyone organized and on top of their game.

Streamline the compliance process for greater transparency and growth with company-wide adherence.

Save Time = Save Money

Save hours managing compliance frameworks and automating workflows.

Increase Productivity & Security

Companies using Copliancy see substantial increases in productivity and reductions in theft and incidents.