Automate Regulatory Training

Easily keep your employees properly certified with automated training, aggregated statuses, and useful integrations. Copliancy has partnered with leading training providers to ensure your employees get the certifications they need including:

Business Employees

Easily Maintain Employee Records

Copliancy makes maintaining employee records simple with its intuitive user interface and simple click-to-update and drag and drag-and-drop functionality. Keeping employee records has never been easier. Employees have access to a dedicated portal where they can upload certifications and submit complaints and incidents.

Customize Training by Job Title

Companies can choose from default job titles with pre-populated regulatory training mapped to the title or businesses with unique job titling conventions can customize Copliancy so the platform matches their existing naming conventions. Once job titles are created, employees can be bulk-assigned mandatory courses based on their job titles.

HR and Scheduling Software​ Integration

Integrate with HR and Scheduling Software

Handle Manager Registrations

Many governmental offices require notification of a change in manager. Copliancy reminds users to reach out to City, County and State of the Site to provide this notice whenever a manager is changed.
Handle Manager Registrations​
Keeping Employees Compliant

Avoid violations by keeping your employees compliant

One of the most common unexpected expenses for businesses is violations. Copliancy not only keeps employees training up to date but also stores copies of the employee’s certifications so they are easily accessible in the event of an inspection.

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Renewals made easy

Copliancy is the most intuitive license renewal platform available with automations that make your job simple.

Keep your company compliant

Copliancy is built to keep your entire company compliant whether that’s maintaining your licenses or your employees’ training.